For instructors:

*Here at LyveBee, we see you as a partner and believe that we only succeed when people around us succeed.

This means that we offer a service where you can focus on what you do and love, while we take care of the rest:

Get exposed to new clients every day - once you create your classes, they will be visible to LyveBee’s customers.
All-in-one solution - we offer integrated video, calendar, and payment systems so you don’t have to stress administrative tasks.
Maximize your earning potential - with our algorithm, we try to maximize your earnings potential for every class.

For customers:

Join live sessions with reputable instructors in many different areas of Health and Wellness. You can participate on Monday in a Yoga session, and in a Zumba session on Wednesday. You have the flexibility to choose when and where you do your classes, and at the right price.
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