Instructors are an integral part of the success of LyveBee. We hold instructors accountable for their actions and behaviors. There are certain rules in place to ensure that instructors have a healthy relationship with their customers. We’ve listed some information for our instructors to be mindful of.
These are not allowed in LyveBee:

Posting any false or misleading information in your profile
Using the LyveBee platform to get clients for other tutoring websites/applications. This includes using the app in order to post any recruitment-related activities
Sharing any contact details such as phone numbers, social media accounts, emails, and the like, to set up meetings outside the LyveBee platform
Using customer information in order to get in touch or to know more about them personally
Doing or saying things that violate acceptable social etiquette. Any report made to LyveBee will be investigated. Further action will be taken if needed
Creating multiple profiles in LyveBee
Messaging other instructors to converse with them without the intent to schedule a session or avail yourself of their services

Other information to take note of:

Instructors are expected to respond to client chats within 24 hours
Attendance should be at a 100% rate for scheduled video sessions that providers have confirmed with the customer. Although we don’t recommend cancellations, if one is needed, there should be a valid reason given to the customer. The customer should also be notified well ahead of time so that they are made aware of the changes and can plan their schedules as well. Take note: canceled sessions will result in a decrease in your account’s visibility on our website
You and your customer’s time are both important. This is why it’s crucial to be prepared for your video sessions. Plan the topics that you want to discuss in your sessions in advance

Violating these rules will result in the lowering of an instructors’s visibility on LyveBee. At worst, it can lead to the suspension or blocking of their account.

Please message us at if you have further questions about these rules.
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