On laptop or browser:

Once you are logged in, click on “My Profile”.

After that, scroll down to “Request a Recommendation”.

You’ll be presented with three different ways to request recommendations:

Copy Link. You can copy this link and share it in your social media channels, by email, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. The link will send your reviewer directly to your LyveBee profile.
Copy Link + Message. We have drafted a message for your convenience. You can copy this message and share it by email, over WhatsApp, over Telegram, etc. Clicking on the link will send your reviewer directly to your LyveBee profile.
Other. Where you can choose other options such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other email clients.

This video is intended for the instructors of LyveBee.com, and shows them how to log in and request a recommendation from a past client that would go on their LyveBee profile.

Mobile browser:

This video is intended for active onboarded or signed up instructors of LyveBee.com. This video shows our instructors how they can request recommendations from their past clients for their LyveBee profile from their mobile browsers.

While starting on a new platform, it’s important to have a robust online profile that builds trust with potential clients. Having recommendations on your profile before you even start teaching on LyveBee builds that confidence.
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