Please know that there are certain conditions that must be met for your profile to be seen by customers from LyveBee. If not completed, your profile will remain hidden and customers can’t avail themselves of your wonderful service!

Follow these steps to ensure that customers can check out your profile:

Use a verified e-mail address and mobile number - These are two very important things to take note of. Your email and mobile number are where you’ll get notified about your account and your customers. Please know that you won’t receive any notification regarding your future clients if you place an invalid number or one that you no longer have any access to.

* Payment setup - After you complete your registration, you will automatically see this requirement from your profile page as this is tagged as an action of high importance. Click the “set up your payment account” link to get started.

Complete e-mail verification - Once you’ve finished setting-up your profile, you will also get an automated email coming from us to verify your e-mail address. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder as well.

Recommendations - This is what will draw more customers to your profile. Recommendations are a sure fire way to get people to reach out to you! Now, there are several means to get recommendations when starting out in LyveBee. From your profile page, there’s an option where you can “Request Recommendation” from other people.

There are three options that you can use to request recommendations. They are: Copy Link, Copy Link + Message, and some Other forms that you can use. Choose one that you like the most or you can try them all!

Another tip that you can use to get you started will be to offer a “Free Session” for customers. Consultants that already have reviews from customers are more likely to get additional requests! This option is also readily available from your profile page.

To offer a Free Session, you just need to toggle this option ON for the specialty that you want.

Real profile picture - It’s great to put your best foot forward! Let’s place our real pictures for the profile avatar so that customers will already have a connection with you and a personalized experience from the get-go. Click the pencil icon to edit your profile picture and your other account details.
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