We’ll be listing down the steps that you need to take to check if you’ve allowed or blocked your microphone for Google Chrome.

First, click the 3 dots that can be found at the upper right corner of your browser. From there, click settings.

You will be directed to the page where you will find the** Privacy and Security** settings. Click Site Settings next. This is the page where you will find the permissions for the features in Google Chrome.

Select the Microphone to see your current settings in Chrome. From here you will see the information of the microphone that your computer is using, the sites that are blocked from using the microphone, and the sites that are allowed to use the microphone.

If you blocked LyveBee or other sites from using the microphone, it would fall under the Blocked sites. To remove LyveBee from the blocked sites, simply click the trash icon.

The next time Google Chrome will prompt you to allow or block a site from using the microphone, simply allow access for it.

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