In this time of crisis, LyveBee is here to help.

Till May 31st, we are waiving our service provider commission on all paid transactions. This will likely be extended if the pandemic continues. You take home 100% of your posted rate. For paid transactions though, we also have to pay payment fees to payment gateways to process your payment. To cover that, we will add a small markup to your rate that your customer will pay. This is only to cover our payment fees.

On your self profile page private to you, you may still see the commission rate displayed but please ignore it. We will send you your full rate amount for paid transactions.

For Free Sessions, No Commission Charged Ever: If you are not charging your participants, we don’t charge you either. If your rate is $0, and you are either collecting payments outside of LyveBee, or just using LyveBee to socialize with your friends or using LyveBee to share your knowledge for free, we support you and enable you to do these transactions completely free of charge.

Why Choose LyveBee?

If you want to keep in touch with your clients, students, customers, friends, collaborators, or congregants, we provide a platform and the technology to bring all of you together in real-time. No catch, no hidden costs, no obligations.

Build Your Personal Brand: When you use LyveBee, you are building your personal or business brand. That’s because after every session your participants have the option to leave you reviews, ratings, and feedback that strengthen your reputation.
Set Your Schedule Per Your Availability: On LyveBee, your calendar is built into your profile, so your sessions can be scheduled for you based on your preferences and availability.
Personal URL For Your Sessions: Every LyveBee service provider gets a unique url that they can personalize with their unique username. And share that url with their participants to start immediate sessions. In fact, since you can have up to two categories on your profile, you can have two personalized urls, one for each category. And choose to have one for free sessions and one for paid.
Integrated Payments: We provide an integrated payment service, so if you wish to charge your participants a fee, now or in the future, LyveBee will take care of all the billing for you.
No Time Limits on Class Length: With LyveBee there are no time limits on your session length! Talk for as long as you need to.
Group Classes and Collaboration: You can connect with up to 25 participants easily. You can have more video participants but with audio video muting restrictions. Read this article from our CEO to know more:

Limitations Of LyveBee Today

Mobile Video Calls: Video sessions cannot be done on mobile today. We are building that out and will let you know here once that is enabled.

We want to get you ready as soon as possible so you don’t lose precious time because of the outbreak.

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If you want more explanatory videos, visit our YouTube Channel here: LyveBee on YouTube
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